3 Winter Activities to Look Forward to In Nebraska in 2018

winter sites to see in Lincoln, NEWinter is a beautiful time to get out and explore Nebraska, so bundle the family up, grab your camera, and get away from the house for a while. A thermos with a hot beverage is an excellent accompaniment to any of these great winter activities.

  1. Discover the Joy of Sledding Through Your Children’s Eyes

Sledding is a right of passage for many children as the temperature begins to drop. It does not take a lot of specialized equipment, and yet the ear-to-ear grins are not easy to wipe away. All you need for this activity are a good pair of boots, a sled, and a good hill. When it comes to sled options, you can go with traditional plastic options or check out roll-up options. These look like a thinner yoga mat. If the weather sneaks up on you, a slick piece of cardboard like a television box also works.

As you take your children sledding, join them on the hill. It’s an excellent way for them to see you let out your inner child. It can also encourage a child who may not be entirely sure about the idea.

  1. Attend Winterfest

Beginning in December, you can head to any state park and enjoy the activities of Winterfest. This festival keeps you busy until March. Some of the highlights include taking a road trip to Ashland and enjoying ice skating at Mahoney State Park. The rink opens Thanksgiving night. You can also enjoy camping at a reduced rate at a variety of state parks during this special event.

Start a new family tradition by starting the new year on a First Day Hike. These special hikes are a great way to get outdoors while everybody is off work. There are a variety of hikes with difficulty levels to fit everybody’s needs and tastes. The hikes take place at various parks throughout the state.

  1. Go Birdwatching

Birdwatching may sound like an activity for warmer weather, but winter is the perfect time to grab your binoculars and enjoy nature. As you pack for a bird watching trip make sure you take your binoculars, camera, and extra batteries. The cold drains batteries faster than warmer temperatures. If you are new to birding, check out one of the many trails throughout the state.

One of the most popular trails leads you to the national bird of the United States. The bald eagle loop lets you view active nesting throughout the state. For safety, please stay at least 100 yards from the nests. If you like birds of prey, check out the trails through Pine Ridge country where you might find golden eagles and prairie falcons. The Central Sandhills Trail leads through the state’s largest ecosystem. It covers almost one-quarter of the state. Some of the highlights of this trail include Crescent Lake and Fort Niobrara.

While you are out exploring winter around Lincoln, stop by and see us at Kia of Lincoln. We’ll keep you nice and cozy while you shop for the perfect vehicle for your next adventure.


Image via Pixabay.com | CC0