Top Reasons Why a Kia is One of the Safest Cars Around

Kia Safety Features in Lincoln, NESafety is at the top of the “important” list any time a vehicle is out and about. With this in mind, read on to understand why Kia has some of the safest models in town.

About Kia Recognition

At Kia, when creating or upgrading the models, it’s understood by the engineers and designers that unforeseen things can happen whenever drivers are out-and-about town. For this reason, the focus at Kia is to ensure the systems in place are supportive and promote safety.

J.D. Power

For four years running, the company’s dedication to safety has ranked Kia models high on the list as a mass-market brand in the area of initial quality by J. D. Power. Over the four years, reports from Kia owners were fewer than all truck and non-luxury car brands within 90 days of ownership. These results are due, in part, to the generous 10-year/100,000-mile warranty.

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