Four Advanced Off-roading Features of the 2018 Kia Sportage

2018 Kia Sportage available at Kia of Lincoln in Lincoln, NEDo you need an SUV that keeps up with your adventures even they take you off-road? Look no further than the 2018 Kia Sportage. It is ready for anything you can dream up regardless of the terrain. Check out some of its advanced off-roading features below.

  1. Quick Response

When you are heading off-road you need to know your vehicle is going to respond in the blink of an eye. ¬†Regarding handling, the Sportage has a quick response time. This is a significant benefit because the SUV does not lag when the terrain changes quickly. The six-speed automatic transmission means you don’t have to worry about switching manual gears while enjoying your off-road adventure.

  1. Stiff Suspension

While a stiff suspension does not equal a soft ride, it is essential on different types of roads. This is because it keeps the car stable no matter what the weather or road does. ¬†A stiff suspension plays into the owner’s hands as it gives you peace of mind. It also allows the SUV to handle extra duties including a tow hitch and the equipment that is attached to it.

The Sportage has front and rear stabilizer bars. All four tires also run on an independent suspension. This type of suspension helps you stay on the road, but you are also in good shape if you find yourself in a campground or other off-road situation. It is designed for a mix of loose gravel and inclement weather conditions.

The stiff suspension also means a better anti-roll capability for this SUV. As you work through less than ideal conditions, you do not have to worry about the vehicle rolling. Instead, it stays upright and you can get through the mud, sand, and gravel.

  1. Improved Traction

Traction is one of the most significant aspects of any off-road vehicle. You do not want to spend your adventure time getting your vehicle out of mud, snow, and other less than desirable road conditions. The Sportage has the ability to grab traction as long as the wheels are not dug in. The ground clearance of this SUV is 6.80 inches. The front track is 63.30 inches while the rear track grows to 63.80 inches.

Keep in mind, it is not an instant fix when it comes to snow or ice conditions. You may have to navigate the patch a few times before this crossover SUV catches and you are able to free yourself.

  1. Optional Features

By adding these features to your Sportage, you ensure its ready for work and fun. The first is a paint protection package. Off-road adventures are dirty. Go wherever you want without worrying about damaging the paint. The mudguards also help protect your vehicle. While they are applied and installed, ask for a tow hitch installation. This bonus feature means you can haul your favorite equipment with while avoiding people being cramped.

Are you already planning your next adventure after reading about these features? Stop by Kia of Lincoln and let us help you find your next Kia Sportage today.


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