Three of the Best Kia Models Perfect for Road Trips

Kia Soul EVIn the summer, most people like to plan a trip since they have the time and the weather is nice. As they pack up to get on the road, many drivers find that their cars don’t quite meet their needs. Taking a trip in a car that is not right for you can make that trip pretty uncomfortable. Fortunately, Kia has a lot of models to choose from that can solve that problem. Here is a look at the three best Kia models for road trips.

Kia Soul

The Kia Soul can be a great vehicle for your summer road trip. It is designed to give you the space that you need for people and the stuff that you want to take with you. At the same time, this model is focused on comfort and getting you where you want to go efficiently. Options including leather seats, upgraded headlights, and a stylish color let you get a Kia Soul that matches your style and fits all of your driving needs.

If you want a more luxurious ride, check out the Kia Soul T-GDI, the new higher-end version with more performance and racing focused features.

Kia Sedona

For larger families that also have a lot of traveling needs, the Kia Sedona is the more versatile option. The cabin of the Sedona is designed for individual comfort for all of your passengers. The second row has split seats that are just as comfortable as the driver’s seat and offer all of the same features. The result is a more comfortable ride for everyone. Vans also have more space options with folding and removable seat options.

One of the more surprising features of the Kia Sedona is its towing ability. It comes standard with a V6 engine for better long-distance driving performance. It can also tow up to 3,500 lbs. so that you can take everything with you.

Kia Stinger

If you are traveling with a small group and you want to get where you are going quickly and in style, then the Kia Stinger is a better option. This model gives you the style and performance of more expensive luxury cars, but with a better price.

The Stinger has been turning heads on the road and at auto shows for a while now, and it gets better every year. The current model can reach 60 mph in 4.7 seconds, which means that it outpaces much of its competition. It is still fuel-efficient and easy to drive, making a great choice for road trips.

Kia has many more options to choose from. Visit Kia of Lincoln today to see what models are available. Regardless of which vehicle you choose, it is important to make sure that you plan accordingly. Safety equipment and extra supplies can make a big difference if you get stuck out on the road. Visit a Kia dealer to see how they can help you get ready for a big road trip in a new Kia this summer.


Photo by Jakob Härter via Flickr licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 | Cropped from original